10 – Project Session I

Current practices in Digital History can only be understood up to a point by passive study. The rest of the course is therefore dedicated to hands-on mini projects which will be located in the realm of Digital History and be based on one or more practices discussed in the previous sessions. You are expected to work together in groups of 2-3 and to pick one of the topics below or – ideally – develop your own mini project.

Suggested Topics

  • Develop your own! Or…

  • Collect and study the #digitalhistory Twitter network and compare it to the #twitterstorians network.

  • Write a detailed review of three Digital Research Platforms, assessing their value for historians. Include interviews with developers, users and based on project documentations.

  • The Shadows of History: There should have been an immense buzz around Harriet Quimby following April 16 1912: she was the first woman to cross the English channel by aeroplane. But since the Titanic had sunk only the previous day, her achievement was barely noticed by the world. Which other events have been pushed into the shadows of history? Tell their story and how it relates to their time. Help shape the future of the historical narrative and transform a traditional historical narrative (based on digitized sources or one of your theses, papers) into a digital narrative, making use of video, social media using DH Press.

Each group will receive guidance and additional materials to help them complete their project.

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