Student performance will be evaluated based on oral presentations, session hosting, project work in small groups and its written documentation.
Students are expected to:

  • prepare at least four questions on each reading/session and post them as comments on the respective session’s page (20% of the final grade).
  • host one session which includes chairing class discussions, giving a 10 minute intro into the topic, and prepare a 600-1000 word summary of the session and discussion which will be published on the blog (20% of the final grade).
  • prepare one 20-minute technical introduction for the “Tools of the week” which is not related to their chosen session (see the list below) (20% of the final grade).
  • work on a mini project of their choosing either in a team or by themselves. The written documentation of the project should amount to 3.500 words per group member (40% of the final grade).



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